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About our organization. We are a company doing business over 2 years online and we gaining some reputation in Srilankan customers hearts. So now we are going to open new feature in BoonFair Market place. It called multi vendor method in E-commerce category.

What is “Multi Vendor” means?

Multi vendor means there multiple sellers in the market. So in here Boonfair is the Market our selected sellers are the multi vendors.

Need more clarification!!

Sure. Now we offer only 100 seller accounts for participate this project, We like to help our Srilankan buyers to come in to the online market and increase their sales. This is a 100% cost for our selected sellers for life time. You have to list your item only in Boonfair marketplace. We have some sort of direct customer base and also we done some Advertisements  to sell your products. In here we will do that service hassle free.

What types of product categories allow to add in Boonfair?

  • Arts and memorable items
    • Collectibles
    • Antique
    • Sport memorandums
    • Arts
    • Coins
  • Electronics
    • Cell phone and Accessories
    • Photographic equipment
    • TV and audio devices
    • Computer and Tablets
  • Fashion Equipments
    • Women
    • Men
    • Jewelry and watches
    • Shoes
  • Home and Gardens
    • Home equipments
    • Pet Suppliers
  • Sporting Equipments
    • Outdoor sports
    • Team sports
    • Exercise and fitness

How is the payment policy for Sellers?

In here all the payments will be control by central authority from the Boonfair marketplace.

As a example :- If you are selling a chair through Boonfair. After the customer positive feedback or over 14 days, whichever comes first your money will be available to withdraw. We will send a bank transfer to your bank account.


How about the shipping policy ?

For the shipping will be a 100% liability of the seller. All the sellers need to prepare a own shipping  policy for your business in here. If there is shipping policy for the relevant product. You need to mention about that in the product listing.

How to Join to Boonfair Seller central ?

Its easy and simple you just have to Contact through below details, and our Sales executive will contact you he/she will help you for this.

Online chat –

Call us / Whatsapp/ Viber – 077 23 23 921

Seller central Walk through Please click here