Welcome to Boonfair Cash on Delivery Service

What is COD (Cash on Delivery)?

Cash on delivery or COD is a popular form of payment for purchases made online. In this method, buyers make payments for their purchases in cash or card at the time of delivery of materials. In this process of payment.


Working of Cash on Delivery (CoD) and its Process Flow

The entire process of order placement and execution is carried except for the payment collection. In COD process, only cash payment is made to the supplier by the buyer after consignment is delivered. However, the process of COD begins from the moment your order is placed.

  1. When you ordering a product from Boonfair , by “Cash on Delivery” . our staff member will personally contact you in live massanger / Whatsapp / Viber or phone call.
  2. We will contact our logistic department and send a sales order about your order.
  3. In 12 hrs Sales department will hand our ordered product to Currior service.
  4. Next 24 hrs your order will be received to your doorstep.
  5. You can check the quality of product and hand over money to delivery staff.

Cash on Delivery Service shipping charges

Colombo 1 – 15 – Rs 120 /=

Colombo Suburbs – Rs 150 – 170 /=

Gampaha, Negambo , Kaluthara, Galle , Chilaw – Rs 200 – 225 /=

Kandy, Mathale ,Kurunegala, Puthalam, Anuradapura, Mathara – Rs 250

Other districts – Rs 300 up wards

Delivery Period

Colombo 1 – 15 – within 12 to 24hrs

Colombo Suburbs –   within 12 to 24hrs

Gampaha, Negambo , Kaluthara, Galle , Chilaw Kurunegala – within 48hrs

Kandy, Mathale ,Kurunegala, Puthalam, Anuradapura, Mathara – within  48hrs

Other districts – Rs 275 up wards – Within 3 to 5 days

Anything Please contact us through

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Viber                     +94 77 23 23 921 

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